Does having cellulite make you feel fat, old, and out of shape?

For women who want to get rid of cellulite. It's amazing, but on to discover...

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Kenney & Kimberly Edwards

Directors of "Do This To Get Rid Of Cellulite"

Location: North of the Alamo
If you will grant me a few minutes of your time... I will let you in on the biggest breakthrough you'll ever discover for getting rid of your lifetime!.

But first here's a conversation I recently had with my wife...

It's embarrassing!...My wife says.
Me: What is, my love?
Wife: To have cellulite!
Me: I love you, and I think you're sexy and hot...
Wife: Yeah, but you have to, you're my hubby.
Me: It's not that bad!
Wife: Be real! I am so embarrassed.
Me: Of What exactly?
Wife: Everything! It effects my whole life. The way I look. The way I feel. What I think about. How I feel about being in public and what others are thinking when they see me.
...Or If they can see the cellulite on me.
I feel old! People think that you're not active, even though you are.
Firstly, I feel like it just "crept" up on me like the bogey man, but now it's hard to get rid of. I have tried creams, massages, working out... There seem to be no fixes. Every product sucks and most of my friends have tried everything too, and they haven't had any success either.

The Cellulite products suck! They don't do anything...They're a waste of packaging!

I am ashamed to be seen in a bikini. So, I wear shorts or try to go to the water when no one else is there. I even put shorts on to swim so people don't see my cellulite. I cover my butt, hips, and back of my thighs wherever I go. Sometimes you can even see it through tight clothes. I am always aware, every single day, of my cellulite and during everything I do. When I sit down, I am conscious of whether or not you can see dimples on the sides of my legs and I try to cover it up with my hands. People think I am sitting all "dainty", but I am just trying to cover the cellulite.

It's a constant nagging thought all day. I wouldn't care about the size I am right now, if the cellulite didn't show through. It's stupid that I have to wear a bikini top with shorts.

"1 dimple is awful". But I have too many to even think about counting...and they seem to be growing every day. "Oh, and the mirror...I can't stand the way I look naked. Every time I look in the mirror at my hips, thighs, back of my legs, or at my butt I could just cry." ...And God forbid, if I flex (squeeze my butt cheeks together) in the mirror! It's embarrassing sexually and it lowers my self esteem. It makes me want to be "active" only with the lights off.

I believe it's from food choices, that makes women more prone to it, but I think I eat a healthy diet... Also, I've heard it's hereditary, but I just can't seem to get a grip on it and I don't know what to do. It's doesn't matter if my overall size is bigger or if I am "skinny", the cellulite hasn't gone away. I can still see cellulite and it's gross. It's like a NEVER-ending battle... And it seems to be getting worse as I age. I want to try to accept that it's just because I'm a woman that it happens.

I need your help!

I want to get to the point where I am able to eat like you, Whatever I want, and still not have to worry about getting cellulite. This is my last shot before I give up hope my love. If you can't help me, then it can't be done...and I quit!

Me: I am so sorry that you feel this way love. If you can give me a week, I will give you everything you need to look and feel every bit the sexy woman I believe that you already are. I will help you reshape your body, feel younger, look younger, and most of all, get rid of all of your cellulite in less than 4 weeks.
Confessions Of A Desperate Husband Who Wanted To Make His Wife Comfortable About Being In Short Shorts Or Playing Beach Volleyball Claims His Program...

Shamelessly Gets Rid Of Cellulite On All Women; Eliminates Fat Around Thighs, Lifts, Shapes & Tones Butts... And Can Easily Increase Confidence & Attractiveness In 21 Days.


"Who Am I?"

Kenney ...just a guy with an extreme obsession about the human body.
...I majored Physical Education from a top teaching university, and minored in Coaching.
...I was one of the top national decathletes. 5'11" and 178 pounds, had a 3.7 body fat percentage. That means that I could eat like
a 215 pound man and still not get fat (my wife use to hate me for this until now).
...I am just a guy who would do anything for his wife and for anyone that needs help.
...I just spent numberous hours in our freezing basement rummaging through my notes, my journals, my books, and experiences...and what I found is THE profound secret for getting rid of cellulite. You are about to be exposed to the best kept secret, and the greatest discovery and cure for the affliction of cellulite. We call it:

"Do This To Get Rid Of Cellulite"...

...But before I go telling you the scientific history about this story, I want to tell you in simple terms what results you can expect. When you put the "Do This To Get Rid Of Cellulite" system to work, you should safely lose 2-3 pounds of pure fat, the cause of cellulite, in the first 7 days...that's fat, not weight. You should get rid of all of your cellulite on your thighs, bum, and behind your legs in 21 days...

Exactly how much you lose will be up to how much you need to lose. Do this to get rid of cellulite is not a "diet". It's not just an exercise program. It's not an attraction program, or some other system or silly program that is "supposed" to help you get rid of cellulite. If those actually worked, you wouldn't be reading this page now, and I wouldn't have written it. It's not some cream, supplement or heat therapy.

Do This To Get Rid Of Cellulite actually addresses and corrects the physical, emotional and physcological cause of cellulite growth, fat gain and the inability to get rid of it.

It won't take some super-human willpower to solve this problem either. It's safe, simple, practical and easy to follow - And it won't cost you a dime to implement. And most importantly, you will never get cellulite back again. You will never see another self-esteem lowering dimple masquerading around on your body again!
  • You will be able to eat what you want.
  • You will not have to sacrifice lots of time..
  • You will be able to fit this into your busy schedule...

...Because it is a practical way to get rid of your cellulite in 21 days, without supplements, creams, liposuction or any other extreme and outrageous procedure.

It's quick, safe and extremely lifestyle-friendly...and best of all, the cellulite will never come back all the while you enjoy all of your favorite foods.
"My boyfriend said he would do the workout with me today and he didn't even make it four minutes! That just made me that much more proud of myself for completing all the workouts thus far !!!" - Beth

"It's getting a little easier, I do see a little difference in the back of my thigh area around the butt. I'm not going to give up I have come to far....
I am 53 years young…" - Lori (Posted on Day #9)

  • You will comfortably be able to wear bikini bottoms with your bikini tops and be excited for the chance to shop for them again and again.
  • You will feel great wearing your shorts again.
  • You will not have to worry about sitting down and seeing dimples form on the sides of your legs from the fat being squished.
  • You'll be ecstatic to go to water parks and hang out by the pool.
  • You won't worry about feeling uncomfortable during intimate times with your love, and won't mind romancing each other with the lights on.
  • You can jump at the chance to participate in water sports and summer activities.
  • You'll be able to go on walks and jogs without having to feeling insecure.
  • Your butt won't feel cold when the rest of your body is hot.
  • You will easily and comfortably slip into, and fit into, your tight jeans again.
  • You won't get nauseated to think about taking photos, and mirrors will spark you to do your own victory dance...
  • ..And you won't see those ever-so-embarrassing "dimples" on your thighs, butt, hips, inner knees, and behind your legs anymore.

Here's The Deal:

  • You're about to discover the secret most women will never know about how to get rid of cellulite.
  • You're about to discover the secret most women will never know about how to look great naked and reshape their body.
  • You're about to discover the secret most women will never know about how to keep cellulite forever at bay.

In order to understand how to get rid of cellulite, you must first understand the root cause of it. In order to discover the root cause, you must first know what the heck cellulite is.

There are so many "bull-crap" answers and stupid ideas as to what cellulite is that it is confusing to the normal mind. Most gurus or companies are trying to peddle some type of supplement, cream, immune boosting product or insane surgery that they are really giving biased answers and eventually, want you to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a treatment that doesn't address the cause of cellulite at all.

They try to "treat" cellulite and cover up the appearance of it. Then, they never give you a "prescription" to get it off for good. They wait for you to come back and get treated again. It's a never-ending cycle of! Good for "them" - Bad for YOU!
It's always about the money: Meaning that when you are finished with "their" solution, you will still have cellulite, but you'll be more broke, more damaged, and further away from ever getting rid of cellulite.

If you're like my wife or any of her friends, then you understand where she is coming from. You have probably tried all types of stuff too to no avail... Probably even every type of diet known to mankind: the low carb diet, the high protein diet, South Beach, Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, eDiet, the juice diet, grapefruit diet, vegetarian diet, there's even the cookie or the chocolate diet, the 3 day diet and Jenny Craig. You've probably tried fat burner pills, learn how to increase stamina and bulk up muscle mass, creams and massages...
...And Nothing seems to work.

It's because they don't
address the real cause of cellulite.

Most of the diets and programs are impossible to keep up with and cause you to jump through a bunch of hoops, and leave you deprived and miserable.
So, what the heck is cellulite...beside the fact that it shows up as these embarrassing dimples?
As Dr. Paul Lazar (M.D. Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School) puts it, cellulite is just "pockets of fat"...
...And that it's appearance is due to strands of fibrous connective tissue anchored to the skin (which is very inflexible), pulling the skin inward and in the process, plumping the (fat) cells outward. Also, for people suffering from cellulite, their outer skin is not as thick and shows the distorted irregular shape of what's going on with any surplus fat deposits below the surface.
Dr. Lazar also goes on to say that "some women are more susceptible to cellulite than others, especially women who generally are more fatty and less muscular in the buttocks, hips, and thighs than men".

So...What Is THE Root Cause Of Cellulite?
It's the "excess" fat and lack of lean muscle!

This is the secret!

I want you to understand:
  • Cellulite is NOT a disease
  • Cellulite is NOT a weight problem
  • Cellulite IS a FAT problem
Cellulite is caused by excess fat deposits and fat reserves that are distorted by connective tissue under the skin, which results in dimples on your thighs, butt, hips and problem areas. The approach, then, is not to figure out how to "remedy" cellulite and find some quick, risky, expensive fix... the question is: "How do I get rid of fat which will in turn absolutely eliminate the cottage cheese on your hips, thighs, butt, behind the legs, and on the inside of your inner knees?"

I'll say it this way...Reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin while building lean muscle is particular areas is the ONLY proven way to get rid of cellulite (the appearance of fat underneath the skin).Period.

Cellulite Myths' Exposed And Questions Answered
Myth #1: Can I just use a cellulite cream?
Word of mouth is a powerful tool...if there was a "magic genie bottle" there would be a line wrapped around most every health store of women trying to get their hands on it. As it is said, you can't keep a secret...a secret. Creams damage your body's two main fat storage and releasing glands. Breaking News: Anushka Bio-Response Body Contouring Cellulite Cream had to refund 3.5 million to "bamboozled" women.
Myth #2: Can't I just massage away my cellulite?
Massages may smooth the skin slightly and feel good, but they're not the cure. They doesn't address the root cause of cellulite. Massages don't melt away the fat store underneath the skin.
Myth #3: Isn't cellulite a disease?
Cellulite is just the "name" we give the fat bubbles showing through the skin. Thus, it is not a "cellulite" problem, it's a fat-burning, fat-releasing problem.
Myth #4: Hey, what about those Suction Machines? Endermologie to get rid of cellulite?
Okay, will a machine that will suck and pull on my skin make cellulite go away? So, you're suppose to fork over hard-earned cash and for a treatment is to put suction cups on your trouble spots so that the fat can magically go away? If that were the case, your loved one could help...and eliminate all the money you'll waste on treatments. LOL
Myth #5: I can just get laser/light treatment...can't I?
The FDA has approved this as a "temporary" aid to help the "appearance" of cellulite - Not to get rid of it. I'll give you 3 reasons not to do this...Money, Money, Money. They get money and you get nothing, but another scheduled treatment.
Myth #6: What about those drug treatments?
Mesotherapy I am going to let you stick me with needles and the fat will just vanish! If this method of fat burning was successful, then why is over 50% of America considered to be obese. Fat people would be lining up for miles to get this treatment. Seriously!
Myth #7: I have heard of Cellulite Diets that cure cellulite?
These types of diets claim to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. So, they're saying that they will help the inflammation of fat? Since when does fat "swell up"? You might get more, but fat doesn't get swollen.
Myth #8: I read that cellulite is caused by fluid retention?
"Fat by water, eh?" Most people are dehydrated, even people with excess fat! They aren't holding too much water, but yet, they still have cellulite.
Myth #9: Collagenase is the answer to getting rid of cellulite.
This is an enzyme that breaks down collagen, a component of connective tissue. Once again, people would be lined up all around the doctors' offices trying to get their collagen fix.
Myth #10: Liposuction?
Ahhhh, finally at least something that actually addresses the issue of fat, BUT don't get too hasty. Think about this: They are going to cut you open and vacuum the fat out. That sounds painful, expensive and will really mess up your skin. Plus, there's the issue that if you couldn't get rid of it the first time, will you have to continue to do these insane treatments over and over again?
Myth #11: Does tight underwear cause cellulite?
These days, women barely even wear any underwear: thongs, g-strings, and "v-strings" are the norm. No! Victoria's Secret is not causing cellulite!
Myth #12: Weight loss, anorexia, being bulimic gets rid of cellulite.
Remember: Cellulite is NOT a weight loss problem, it is an excess fat problem & lack of lean muscle in particular problem areas. If you go on extreme diets, this will work against you because your body will actually go into starvation mode and store more body fat in your problem areas first.
Myth #13: There is Nothing that you can do about cellulite.
I tell these people, "If you don't know the answer, don't blame it on "it doesn't exist"!" What makes me soooo angry about this is that they would try and steal hope from cellulite sufferers when there is a perfectly good way to get rid of cellulite.

Don't Despair! You Can Repair!

What "They" Do Not Want You To Know!
Here is an easy and practical way to get rid of cellulite in 21 days doing one
11 minute workout, 3 times per week, and lose at least 2-3 pounds of fat in your first 7 days!
"Better body in 21 days - the new cellulite plan everyone's talking about."

Discover INSIDE:

  • The real total body Cellulite Cure: How to increase your low metabolism, get rid of excess fat, smooth your troubled and damaged skin, release fat from your troubled areas, increase circulation, and fix your body's natural fat regulating and storing system.
  • How to eliminate not just the appearance, but actually address the root cause of cellulite.
  • EXACTLY What to DO to make cellulite go away Forever...for good. Don't suffer mindlessly with "celly" anymore.
  • The 7 most important cellulite exercises that will erase dimples from your body for good. (And No, it's not side leg raises,
    adduction, or abductions...)
  • The 17 most important foods that aid in fat (cellulite) reduction, and the Top 202 foods to eat that help you look and feel more healthy, sexy, and cellulite free.
  • The #1 "thingy" that is standing in your way of becoming cellulite free...and How to Tip it in your favor to get rid of fat and restore your health.
  • The secret that "they" don't want you to know about that will release ALL of your fat from your fat storage areas, aka"problem" areas: hips, thighs, butt, behind the legs, behind the arms, inside of your knees and tummy.
  • Discover your body type and how it effects your ability to gain or burn fat.
  • The ONLY number that you need to watch out for daily that will determine whether or not your are losing fat, gaining fat, or staying the same.
  • You'll get to smile do your victory dance in front of the mirror after all the success you'll have and the happiness you'll feel.
  • Why this little system is for all ages, races, body types and genders...and why it's customized to fit you and your busy lifestyle.
  • How to tell what "grade" cellulite you have. (Don't worry, this is just to give you a measuring stick to go by. Ultimately, it's measured by how you feel about yourself and whether or not the cellulite is gone. I suggest you get out your camera from day one because you'll love to measure the results.)
  • How to eat deliciously all of your favorite foods, and never have to worry about gaining fat or cellulite again.
  • How to lose 2-3 pounds of fat in the first 7 days, and up to 5 safe pounds the first week. (Then, you should expect to lose about 0.5-1% of your total body weight in fat weekly.)
  • How to increase your metabolism off the charts and turn yourself into a fat burning machine. Discover how to burn more fat while you sleep and while watching TV.
  • Oh yeah, don't worry about eating at family functions, on holidays, birthdays, or special occasions...We've got you covered there too.
  • Why "cheat" days are the best thing you could do. You don't even have to feel can enjoy all the foods you love and we'll show you how.
  • If you Don't want to spend your life at the gym, then don't! Here are the secrets to enjoying a healthy, fat burning body without being inside the gym all the time... everything in our 21 day coaching program is done from the comfort of your own home.

I should have probably prefaced this message by saying:

  • If you're looking to "cover up" cellulite, then this is not for you.
  • If you're looking only to approve the appearance of cellulite, this isn't for you.
  • If you think that you won't have to do any work; this isn't for you.
  • If you think that you won't have to make a few small sacrifices; then this isn't for you.

This is for women who want to get rid of cellulite and keep it from ever returning again!

Before Cellulite After Cellulite
Why "cheat" days are the best thing you could do. You don't even have to feel can enjoy all the foods you love and we'll show you how.
Here's just some of the comments and conversations that are already going on over at the coaching blog:

"Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guys know I'm loving your program. Thank you for coming up with something like this. I had been praying for something like this for the longest time. And it seems like my prayers have been answered." - Susie

"Woooooow that felt really great. It wasn't too much for a relatively out of shape person, but I could really tell it was doing something. I have been looking for something like this for so long! I am already walking/jogging 11/2 to 2 miles a day so I should get some really good results. thanks!!!!" - Summer

"Good workout yesterday... I had to do wall push ups; I am coming off a shoulder injury. The diet is also getting easier to follow, I seem to be losing some of the cravings I have had in the past. I too enjoy the daily readings, thank you" - LaDonna

"Hello Kenney & Kimberly, Just did day 1 and I feel great! I look forward to seeing results!! It is one of those things I can feel right away!!" - Leslie


  Yes, Kenney & Kimberly: I want to get rid of cellulite Right Now. I understand that this is a unique chance that I cannot get anywhere else.

I know that I will discover, at minimum...

  • The real, total body cellulite cure. How to increase your low metabolism, get rid of excess fat, smooth your troubled and damaged skin, release fat from the troubled areas, increase circulation, and fix your body's natural, fat-regulating and storing system.
  • How to get rid of cellulite, not the appearance, but actually address the root causes of cellulite.
  • EXACTLY What to DO to make cellulite go away Forever...For Good. I won't suffer mindlessly with
    "celly" anymore.

My Guarantee: I know your policy is NO RISK, with a complete, no-questions asked, no-hassle, no-explanation, 4 week, 100% money back guarantee of my satisfaction. If I'm not happy for any reason (or for NO reason at all), I can just send you an email and I'll get a prompt, cheerful refund...and we'll still be friends.

"That's the only way we ever want to do business. It's the way I wish other companies treated ME. No risk. No weaseling. No bologna at all."

Here's what I'll do for Kenney & Kimberly: In exchange for locking me in at this low price forever, I agree to send Kenney & Kimberly a simple testimonial of my results.

This is amazing news, and I can't wait to see the results that acting on these insider, how-to secrets will bring me.

Thanks, Kenney & Kimberly.

Simple. Easy. Change your body literally in days.

Don't miss out!

Wishing you success with getting rid of cellulite
and having a full body transformation,

Kenney & Kimberly Edwards

Kenney & Kimberly

P.S. YES! I want the "Do This To Get Rid Of Cellulite" System. If you suffer from cellulite...aka orange peel syndrome, mattress phenomenon, hail damage or it's most famous name cottage cheese (I HATE all of these names)... Then, this amazing system "They" Don't Want You To Know About How To Get Rid Of Cellulite will give you an Easy and Practical way to get rid of cellulite in 21 days, and lose at least 2-3 pounds of fat in your first 7 days.

Okay... I Don't Want to Wait A Minute Longer.
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