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    Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles (The 10 Minute Plan)

    by admin on March 24, 2012 in Cellulite Exercises

    Here’s exercises to get rid of love handles, that only take 10 total minutes to do, and that you only have to do 3 times per week.

    The exercises that you have to do to get rid of love handles is actually quite “counter-intuitive” to what it seems like should be done.  Doing sit ups & crunches (or variations of these) alone aren’t very effective in helping you to get rid of love handles.

    exercises to get rid of love handlesThe reason is because your body stores & burns fat where it wants to, and we have little control over when and where it does that.  So, we have to put our focus on “burning fat” and let the body burn it from where it may.  The goal then is to get your “body fat” percentage below 20%, while building lean ab muscle too.

    Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

    Squat press burn out.  A squat press is pretty close to what the name says.  You do a squat, then holding a pair of dumbbells (or anything with weight) by your shoulders, you do a press above your head at the top of your squat.  Repeat this for until you could only be able with good tempo to do one more (that’s the “burn out”).  Take a 2 minute break and repeat.  This is such a great exercise because it works all of your major muscles, burns a heck of a lot of fat, and even builds lean muscle in the love handle area.  You only need to do this exercise 4-5 times.

    Wide leg “Tip Overs”.  This is a pretty cool workout that I discovered one time when I injured the muscle and ligament that runs along the underneath of my bottom rib on my left side. When I was going through rehab to strengthen the area we created this exercise.  Stand up tall spread your till the inside of your feet is about 2″ on the outside of your shoulders.  Then put your hands together and lift them above your head and make them straight.  Now keeping your shoulders and hips parallel, “tip over” to your right, then to your left.  It takes all of the muscle along your side to lower and lift your body from the tipped over position to straight.  You can also do this with weight.

    Burpie Jumps.  Do a burpie (stand, then squat, tilt forward and go into a push-up position, then bring your knees back to your chest and stand up) then as you are coming back to a standing position from the ground, explode up and jump.  Land the jump and go straight into a burpie again.  This is a great workout for working all of your lower body, back, chest, and stomach.  You can also do these with dumbbells.

    In-Place Sprinting.  This is one of the toughest and most overlooked exercises.  Get your timer ready, then start running in place.  Focus on getting good knee lift, working your arms, and getting your feet on and off the ground as fast as possible.  This is a challenging exercise if taken seriously, and works every major muscle in the body, while burning so many calories and developing lean muscle.  Run hard for 20 seconds, then break for 40 seconds.  Repeat this 8 times.

    The 10 Minute Workout

    Now we are going to put the exercises all together in one great 10 minute workout that gets rid of love handles.  What we are going to do is turn them into a circuit.

    To keep it easy, we are going to do each exercise for 20 seconds, then go to the next with no rest (squat press, wide leg tip overs, burpie jumps, then in-place running).  Now take a 40 second rest, and repeat.  That is considered to be 1 set.  We want to do 5 sets or circuits.  That is exactly 10 minutes and you are done.

    What must accompany the plan, a balanced diet.  A balanced diet is critical to actually being successful and getting the most out of the exercises.  You can workout till the cows come home, but if you don’t eat enough carbs for energy and enough protein to supplement your lean muscle developing exercises, it’s all for nothing.  Your diet is critical (if for nothing else but to supplement your workouts) in getting rid of love handles, developing lean muscle, recovery, increasing metabolism, and getting rid of cellulite.

    Now that you have the exercises to get rid of love handles and an exact plan to follow, you can try the workout right now.  You have a few minutes because you are here reading this right now.  Try it.  Just get up right now and see how it goes.  It’ll be fun and spontaneous and you will have the positive energy in that you have already started to work towards your goals.

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